Have You Seen These Futuristic Buildings In India?

Have You Seen These Futuristic Buildings In India?

“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster, who is a famous British modernist High-tech architect. With this intriguing thought, let us have a look at some of the finest, modern architectural marvels, made as office buildings in India.

Crux of the Matter

Cybertecture Egg Building, Mumbai

Its egg-shaped design covers less surface area on the ground, compared to conventional buildings. This egg is environment-friendly as it uses solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines on the roof.

  • Cybertecture Egg

The Naga Towers, Gandhinagar

Also called Snake Towers, these 54-story structures are being built in Gujarat International Finance Tech-City, an under-construction central business district. On completion, GIFT will be India's first operational greenfield smart city.

  • The Naga Towers/ Snake Towers

GYS Vision, Gurgaon

This office complex used many permutations and combination for designing 2 identical towers. It was built to provide a variation of spaces in the form of terraces. 

  • GYS Vision

Infosys, Pune

Designed like a spaceship, It has been awarded the famous LEED certification by the US Green Building Council. Its 14 acres campus contains office and residential buildings, food courts, training rooms, etc.

  • Infosys


The Al Bahr Towers, twin 29 storey towers in Abu Dhabi have 2,000 umbrella-like glass elements as protective skin. Inspired by the “mashrabiya”, the dynamic facade will automatically open and close depending on the intensity of sunlight.

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